Rejuvenation is a term referring to a variety of skin treatments simultaneously addressing different types of skin imperfections.

A more youthful firm and clear skin can be achieved with laser treatments using state of the art Elos technology.

The lasers are non-surgical  procedures which require little or no down time.


Medical strength peels are also a part of the rejuvenation process.

These include a variety of active ingredients which performed on a regular basis can improve enlarged pores, acne, pigmentation and wrinkles.



This treatment combines Radio Frequency (RF) with pulsed light energy in the visible and near infrared range.

This application is intended for the treatment of superficial benign pigmented and vascular lesions, such as telangiectasia, rosacea and poikiloderma thus resulting in skin rejuvenation.


What can I expect?

All clients are treated on an individual basis, our skilled Dermal Technicians assess your skin type and your environmental factors and lifestyle.

Treatment plans are then formulated to meet your needs.

Most of our clients see results within 1-2 treatments, however the best results are acheived after 2-4 treatments.


Does the treatment hurt?

All our lasers have an inbuilt cooling system which ensures any discomfort is minimal.

Post treatment care is achieved with take home products to ensure speedy recovery with little or no down time.




The Dermal Therapists at Medical Lasers use medical strength peels which are designed to improve the appearance of the skin whilst minimising inflammation. The peels are commonly used as part of our Rejuvenation and Acne Treatment programs as they restore a youthful smoothness to all skin types. Many of our Medical Lasers clients opt to have regular peels between laser treatments.

Treatment usually takes no more than half an hour and after treatment the skin may appear pinkish in colour. It is possible for clients to return to normal activities immediately after this treatment




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